Monday, 22 October 2012

Week 65

Good to hear from all of you and glad that your getting better mum but now you've passed it on to dad with his thumb. I still can't believe that Ethan is home, I just have it stuck in my mind that were both in the mission field but he's back and it's weird to think about. That's funny about "the knock" I remember that one haha. That's cool that Kevin Hadlock was able to be there and that Ethans talk was good. Sounds like he's got a good plan for the next little while, let him know that I'm 85% going to Provo in the fall and that I won't be doing the summer semester. I can't decide where I need to go school, I'm defiantly going to apply for BYU and probably go there but I know I have a semester still paid for at BYU Idaho. I will wait and see I guess. This past week has been a little weird as we were moving the other elders out and then moving them into our apartment across town. We thought it would be a quick thing but it took us two and half days to do it all and I think I'm still high from all the chemicals we were using as we had to get it spotless. Our apartment is a mess now as all their stuff is here so it's not my ideal situation because its not that clean but it's so much fun having them here. I am doing better with my companion, I realize that I'm probably not his first choice of companion and I need to be patient with him. He is a challenging missionary and I don't think that President will leave him with someone for more than one transfer because its mentally taxing. Transfer calls are this upcoming Saturday and I think that I'll be leaving Turlock which I am ready for as I want to be in a Spanish area and I'm ready for a change of scenery. We have a lot of investigators right now and our teaching pool is getting quite big and we are looking forward to having twenty people in our teaching pool. Today, we are doing a quadzone activity and were doing the Olympics so it will be a bunch of fun games and food. This upcoming week were busy every day as we have meetings and then the ward Halloween party that were expecting 10 investigators to come to, it's funny because they will come to the fun activities but not to church. They don't realize that this is something that can bless their lives and it's our job to help them come to that realization. I feel like these past couple transfers have been super tough but now that I look back at them they have been times of real growth and developing the attributes that I need to develop. Despite all that I do want a companion that I'm friends with this next transfer because I need a break. The weather has really gotten cold, today its like 60 which it hasnt got to for like 8 months so its nice to go out and work in. This is my favorite time of year and I love the holiday season, this year has gone by so fast, I remember last Halloween like it was yesterday and now here we are again.  
 I'm super jealous that you could play Risk, I've missed staying up late and playing that. Well, thats about all I have this week. I love you all and hope that your all doing well. Miss you guys.

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