Monday, 30 January 2012

Week 27

Don't have much time to email this week, but will give you a quick update on how everything is going. We had a great week! We found another 9 new investigators and to end the week we had 8 investigators at church when we were normally only getting 2-3 the past couple months so things are going well. Our sacrament this week was devoted entirely on missionary work so hopefully the ward will continue to feed and come out and fellowship the investigators. We have a goal of 24 baptisms in the ward and since we have 4 missionaries in the ward we need to be baptizing monthly. We also had our zone conference this week, it was good to see old friends and it was a great meeting and the spirit was strong. We also went back to the vineyard this week to do some work and then we got a ride home with Bishop McIntyre from Reedley and he took us out to lunch at In n' Out so it was a good day. Kamau is getting baptized this weekend so it will be cool to go to that baptism since we found him a couple months ago. My suits still fit, I finally weighed myself and I only weight 180 so I'm in good shape for now. This week nothing out of the usual is happening, just the normal and hopefully get some baptism dates.

Sounds like things are going good back home and that the weather is nice too, your getting California weather out there . Well I know I'm forgetting some things but I got to go so will talk to you all next week.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Week 26

Thanks for all the emails. This was a good week as we have been really busy and working hard. We found ten new investigators this week and are finding a lot of people to teach. We also moved up Marias baptism to Jan. 29 instead of Feb.12! We found her less than two weeks ago, actually my second day in this area and she came to church twice already and wants to be baptized this week so that was unexpected but were excited for it. I don't really like the idea of someone joining the church that quick but she is ready so she is going to be baptized this week. Also went pruning on Saturday, first time it really rained since I got to Fresno so the vineyard was messy and muddy but it was fun and learned how to prune grape vines so I have a new skill. Church was also good as we had another new investigator come to church and then we gave him a church tour after the meetings so a lot of good things are happening. This week we have a zone conference so that should be good, and probably an exchange with Reedley so I might return and grace them with my presence once again. Oh, Kamau who is an investigator in Reedley, who Elder Malo and I found while biking is getting baptized on the 4th of Feb. so I'm excited that I'll be able to go to that baptism. Both Maria and Kamau were found through our "own efforts" and not through a member so they will be my first baptisms through our own efforts finding. They are rare because most people are found through members so these two baptisms will be special. Well thats all that is happening with me

Sounds like you had a great week. Thats awesome that Jess is on winter/fall semester, so that she can be there with emily and laura at the same time, thats weird their all there at the same time. I'm the odd one out now being on winter spring, I guess I will have to transfer to BYU. I haven't weighed myself in a while because I'm scared to see what it is but I'm starting a new exercise routine so hopefully that will help. I got the package this week, thanks for sending all that.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Week 25

So don't have much time to email this week as we just got back from shopping in Fresno. We went to go to the church bookstore but when we got there it was closed because of the holiday so that was disappointing but we ended up going to chick fil a as there is only one in our mission and its been a while since I've had it. The first couple days in Kingsburg have been great, we teach a lot more lessons but most aren't to progressing investigators so were focusing on finding new investigators that will get baptized. We found a new investigator this week and she came to church yesterday and she committed to be baptized on Feb. 12 so were excited for that. Besides from that, there aren't any other investigators that are progressing so were working on finding new people. Church was awesome, first time I've heard a baby cry in sacrament since I was back home! The ward is pretty young and we get a lot of youth out with us on team ups which is awesome because they get excited and are more easy going. The dinner calendar is full for the rest of the month so there is good member support which is awesome. Elder Hardy and I get along great. This upcoming week there is not much happening, we are going to the welfare farm on Saturday to go prune the vines so that will be a cool experience. Well gotta get going as we play basketball at 3 every Monday with the Elders Quorum.

Thanks for all your emails. Thats not unexpected that Jenna is getting married as everyone has been saying she will get married this summer but its cool that its set now, too bad youll be busy with Emily and the baby. I heard about the Ravens so thats awesome, I want them to win but I don't want them to win the superbowl the one year that I'm not there to watch!

Monday, 9 January 2012

Week 24

So we got transfer calls on Saturday and I'm getting transferred to Kingsburg! The funny thing is, its the area next to Reedley (4 miles away) and is in the same district. I've never heard of anyone getting transferred within the same district so this was kinda shocking, but I'm happy that it will be something new. My new companion is Elder Hardy who is from Westminster, MD. He has been in Kingsburg for 4 1/2 months so I know him pretty well as I see him every week. We get along great so don't have to worry about getting along, just getting along too well. We know a lot of the same people back from MD so thats kinda funny. The ward is awesome and young so defiantly excited to see some young families. There are 2 sets of missionaries in the ward and they get about 150 to sacrament so its a good sized ward. They feed the missionaries well there too so don't have to worry about getting fed. The work there right now is slow, they haven't baptized in a couple months so will have to work really hard and turn things around there. I'm sad to leave Reedley as it is the best area in the zone right now but I'm glad that it is better off now than when I got there. We have really turned things around and I'm excited for the area. The only thing is, I was kinda hoping that I would be in a totally different area with new people but, there must be a reason I'm going to Kingsburg. Its an English ward but its got a little more Spanish work than Reedley. Well probably gave more than you wanted to know but I'm excited for this upcoming transfer. Breises baptism was yesterday and it was amazing. We had over 55 people there and the Relief Society room was packed, they have never had that many people at a baptism before so people were really excited. We had three investigators there too so hopefully they will get baptized soon. So I leave Reedley on Wednesday so yesterday we were busy going to everyone saying goodbye although I will see them a lot as I'm only 4 miles away! So I'm excited for something new this week, first time getting transferred!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Week 23

So I forgot to let you know that preparation day got changed to today because we went to the temple today which was awesome because we only get to go every 4 1/2 months. It was awesome because I noticed today that in the prayer, they prayed specifically for the missionaries and that is so awesome to know how many people pray for us and our safety and success. So last week was pretty usual, went on an exchange with two elders that aren't getting along too well, so had to listen to all that drama, felt like Dr. Phil. I'm glad that I don't have any issues. After venting to me he asked if I was having any drama and I told him that I had to grow up with 3 sisters so I'm all drama'ed out. I consider myself lucky that I haven't had any issues with anyone yet, but that could change as we have transfers next week. It will be sad to go because were seeing a lot of success right now, but before I go at least I will be able to see Breise get baptized as her baptism is this Sunday (moms birthday). We also have 3 kids that have a date for this month so that will be sad to not be there. We also have had been having some really good weather (tshirt and shorts) as yesterday we were at bishops yesterday lassoing (don't know how to spell that) his goats, will have to get him to send you the pictures. He was not impressed with my skills, I was pulling the goat and he was fighting it and I must of had the rope too tight, because it all of a sudden dropped to the ground and passed out. I eventually got it to its pen without killing it so it was a success. Well this upcoming week we have another exchange and our last district meeting of the transfer. Also we have a funeral to go to on Saturday as another member of the ward died, and then we have transfer calls Saturday night so next Monday I will let you know whats happening. I'm excited to see what happens! I hope that I go to an all Spanish area as I'm in a 75% English area and 90% of the ward is English speaking, but we will see.

Sounds like you had a great week with the party and going to DC and having Sue over. That's good that you had a good Christmas and new years celebration. We went over to Diego's for new years which was fun but we had to be in at 8 so not too exciting. It sounds like that you have some cold weather right now, much snow?. So things are back to normal now that emily and don and laura are gone? Hope that you have a great week and look forward to hearing from you next week.