Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Week 57

So just got back from the Temple and it took about all day because it's so far away,  but it was a good time.  Today is Tuesday.  Things have been decent over here, still super hot and sweaty, but it's my last summer here so l'll endure the last couple weeks of the heat.  We've been keeping busy so the weeks have gone by fast.  My companion is a struggle, not too sure he wants to be doing this because he'll find any excuse to do the easy thing instead of doing what we need to.  I've lost track of all the days last week, but we did find new investigators and are doing a lot of member lessons to build the faith of the members and change their view of missionary work.  I've changed pretty much everything since I got here, especially how we work with the Bishop and Ward Council.  All is doing well though,  were seeing signs of success and time keeps flying.  This upcoming week, we have President Interviews on Saturday so will be good to talk to him. 

Monday, 20 August 2012

Week 56

So it's been a good week, it has been so hot!  They say it's been over 100 degrees for the past two weeks and it doesn’t help I'm in an all bike area.  So needless to say I've been sweating like crazy and getting a lot darker.  I like not having a car the days go by quicker and I'm in better shape.  On Friday we had a zone conference, it was really long, from 8-6, and President is a good speaker.  Our area is in bad shape, everyone is asleep, they need to wake-up in terms of missionary work.  The missionaries before didn’t work with members so we have a lot of potential.  My companion is struggling; he wants to go home but he's hanging in there. In lessons he won't say a word so I have to teach the whole thing which isn’t ideal.  He won't take any suggestions to be better so I won't give him anymore because he's flipped out a couple times now so it's not worth it.  We get along so it's good for the most part.  Were struggling to teach, our goal this week is to teach 2x as many people as last week.  The ward is good, we get fed everyday and have a team-up so that nice.  I just don’t want to get attached to this area if I'm leaving after this transfer because it was hard to leave Merced.  I want to be in an area for a long time, but I'm not sure if I want to stay here because it's not Spanish.  I'm doing well and so life is good.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Week 55

So, I'm here in Turlock now after a short stay in Merced which is sad, but Turlock is awesome so I'm happy. Every letter says that Carter is a pretty chill baby so I'm taking it that he's very well behaved.  My new companion is Elder Tateoli who is Tongan, but from Las Vegas. We get along, but he's struggling pretty bad, I'm not sure if he'll be able to last two years.  He has potential to be good, but he doesn’t really care.  He won't talk in the lessons, he says he doesn't know them, so I have to teach the whole thing, I like teaching but it doesn’t feel good.  I wanted to help him and make him a good teacher, but he told me that he wasn't a little kid and didn't want help.  It will be a new challenge this transfer, but I'm up to it, so it's good.  Promising news is that we did a church tour with a girl called Kristy, who is 19 and the spirit was super strong and she committed to be baptized on August 25th.  She came to church on Sunday also she's solid and progressing well.  Oh Cinthia, the 16 year old girl we were teaching in Merced got baptized on Saturday so that was exciting.
My new area is Turlock 4th ward and this area has been struggling and is in pretty bad shape.  They have only baptized two people this year and none in the past four months.  It is an all bike area and we have no car so that is awesome because I've been driving most of my mission.  The only bad thing was that is was over 105 for the past six days so it has been super hot.  The apartment is the nicest one I've had yet and we have a washer and dryer in our apartment so I'm going to save about $30-$40 with not having to pay for laundry and washing the car.  The ward is missionary minded, we get fed dinner every night and quite a few lunches and team-ups, that’s the benefit of being in an English area, but I use my Spanish quite a bit.  I didn't think I could train Chad because I was in a Spanish branch, but now that I'm English area the possibility is still there.  That would be pretty funny if that happened so we will see.
I'm not sure if you remember Elder Bonner who served in our ward like two years ago,  but his family lives in my ward so everywhere I go find someone I know.  Elder Bonner came to our house a few times and I was in a class with him up at school. 
So this upcoming week we have a zone conference on Friday,  haven't had a big meeting  in two months so I'm excited for it.  I played basketball for the first time yesterday and I was didn’t do too bad for not playing for over two months.  I also thought my jump would have decreased, but I got way above the rim, so that was crazy.  Everyone asks why and how I jump so high and my secret is not working out and it’s the truth. 
That’s good to hear that your enjoying the Olympics, its sad to not see it, but Im glad that I wont miss the world cup.  Thanks for all the letters, always excited to get them.  Well better get going, but I love you and miss you. 

Monday, 6 August 2012

Week 54

I'll give you a quick rundown of my week l've been going to Physical Therapy this past week (not for me but another missionary) and a lot of hours has been waiting for him.  On Saturday afternoon, I got a call from President Gelwix and he told me that I'm going on special assignment and also step training.  This missionary is pretty much brand new, but he's trouble apparently  and not very obedient.  He's from the south pacific somewhere because he's got a crazy name, but I'm excited.  The bad news is that I'm leaving Merced after only being here one transfer.  I'm going up to Turlock to be in an English ward, but I'm ok with that.  I thought I would be here for a while,  but I guess not.  I was disappointed after he called because I love it here and I thought I was staying.  Also Cinthia is getting baptized this Saturday and she asked me to baptize her, but I won't be here so that was really upsetting.  She was upset I was leaving, but at least she's getting baptized this week.