Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Week 57

So just got back from the Temple and it took about all day because it's so far away,  but it was a good time.  Today is Tuesday.  Things have been decent over here, still super hot and sweaty, but it's my last summer here so l'll endure the last couple weeks of the heat.  We've been keeping busy so the weeks have gone by fast.  My companion is a struggle, not too sure he wants to be doing this because he'll find any excuse to do the easy thing instead of doing what we need to.  I've lost track of all the days last week, but we did find new investigators and are doing a lot of member lessons to build the faith of the members and change their view of missionary work.  I've changed pretty much everything since I got here, especially how we work with the Bishop and Ward Council.  All is doing well though,  were seeing signs of success and time keeps flying.  This upcoming week, we have President Interviews on Saturday so will be good to talk to him. 

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