Monday, 20 August 2012

Week 56

So it's been a good week, it has been so hot!  They say it's been over 100 degrees for the past two weeks and it doesn’t help I'm in an all bike area.  So needless to say I've been sweating like crazy and getting a lot darker.  I like not having a car the days go by quicker and I'm in better shape.  On Friday we had a zone conference, it was really long, from 8-6, and President is a good speaker.  Our area is in bad shape, everyone is asleep, they need to wake-up in terms of missionary work.  The missionaries before didn’t work with members so we have a lot of potential.  My companion is struggling; he wants to go home but he's hanging in there. In lessons he won't say a word so I have to teach the whole thing which isn’t ideal.  He won't take any suggestions to be better so I won't give him anymore because he's flipped out a couple times now so it's not worth it.  We get along so it's good for the most part.  Were struggling to teach, our goal this week is to teach 2x as many people as last week.  The ward is good, we get fed everyday and have a team-up so that nice.  I just don’t want to get attached to this area if I'm leaving after this transfer because it was hard to leave Merced.  I want to be in an area for a long time, but I'm not sure if I want to stay here because it's not Spanish.  I'm doing well and so life is good.

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