Monday, 9 January 2012

Week 24

So we got transfer calls on Saturday and I'm getting transferred to Kingsburg! The funny thing is, its the area next to Reedley (4 miles away) and is in the same district. I've never heard of anyone getting transferred within the same district so this was kinda shocking, but I'm happy that it will be something new. My new companion is Elder Hardy who is from Westminster, MD. He has been in Kingsburg for 4 1/2 months so I know him pretty well as I see him every week. We get along great so don't have to worry about getting along, just getting along too well. We know a lot of the same people back from MD so thats kinda funny. The ward is awesome and young so defiantly excited to see some young families. There are 2 sets of missionaries in the ward and they get about 150 to sacrament so its a good sized ward. They feed the missionaries well there too so don't have to worry about getting fed. The work there right now is slow, they haven't baptized in a couple months so will have to work really hard and turn things around there. I'm sad to leave Reedley as it is the best area in the zone right now but I'm glad that it is better off now than when I got there. We have really turned things around and I'm excited for the area. The only thing is, I was kinda hoping that I would be in a totally different area with new people but, there must be a reason I'm going to Kingsburg. Its an English ward but its got a little more Spanish work than Reedley. Well probably gave more than you wanted to know but I'm excited for this upcoming transfer. Breises baptism was yesterday and it was amazing. We had over 55 people there and the Relief Society room was packed, they have never had that many people at a baptism before so people were really excited. We had three investigators there too so hopefully they will get baptized soon. So I leave Reedley on Wednesday so yesterday we were busy going to everyone saying goodbye although I will see them a lot as I'm only 4 miles away! So I'm excited for something new this week, first time getting transferred!

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