Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Week 23

So I forgot to let you know that preparation day got changed to today because we went to the temple today which was awesome because we only get to go every 4 1/2 months. It was awesome because I noticed today that in the prayer, they prayed specifically for the missionaries and that is so awesome to know how many people pray for us and our safety and success. So last week was pretty usual, went on an exchange with two elders that aren't getting along too well, so had to listen to all that drama, felt like Dr. Phil. I'm glad that I don't have any issues. After venting to me he asked if I was having any drama and I told him that I had to grow up with 3 sisters so I'm all drama'ed out. I consider myself lucky that I haven't had any issues with anyone yet, but that could change as we have transfers next week. It will be sad to go because were seeing a lot of success right now, but before I go at least I will be able to see Breise get baptized as her baptism is this Sunday (moms birthday). We also have 3 kids that have a date for this month so that will be sad to not be there. We also have had been having some really good weather (tshirt and shorts) as yesterday we were at bishops yesterday lassoing (don't know how to spell that) his goats, will have to get him to send you the pictures. He was not impressed with my skills, I was pulling the goat and he was fighting it and I must of had the rope too tight, because it all of a sudden dropped to the ground and passed out. I eventually got it to its pen without killing it so it was a success. Well this upcoming week we have another exchange and our last district meeting of the transfer. Also we have a funeral to go to on Saturday as another member of the ward died, and then we have transfer calls Saturday night so next Monday I will let you know whats happening. I'm excited to see what happens! I hope that I go to an all Spanish area as I'm in a 75% English area and 90% of the ward is English speaking, but we will see.

Sounds like you had a great week with the party and going to DC and having Sue over. That's good that you had a good Christmas and new years celebration. We went over to Diego's for new years which was fun but we had to be in at 8 so not too exciting. It sounds like that you have some cold weather right now, much snow?. So things are back to normal now that emily and don and laura are gone? Hope that you have a great week and look forward to hearing from you next week.

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