Monday, 26 December 2011

Week 22

It was great to talk to you yesterday, it sounds like you are all doing well. Thank you for all the gifts and cards that you sent. Well, the letter this week is going to be short because I pretty much told you what happened this week but it was a great Christmas despite not being able to spend it with family. I feel really good right now, I am not homesick at all and have a good "innerpeace" right now. I'm doing well and I always am happy despite being tired and exhausted a lot. I still have a lot of challenges and difficulties, but I have to much to be grateful for to get down. I can't believe that I turn 20 this week! Thanks for the bday emails. I kinda forgot about my birthday and haven't told anyone so I need to get on that so we have somewhere to eat that night. This week we have another exchange and then my birthday is Thursday and then new years eve, I'm not sure what's happening that night but should be fun. The work has slowed down since we've been so busy with all the meetings and with Christmas so we really need to work hard this week to find people. We are working hard to get Diego to be baptized on Jan. 8 with Breise but it's not looking to good right now. Diego is so awesome, I want him to be baptized before I leave because we've been working with him so long but not looking to promising right now.

Sounds like Christmas was fun and you played ALOT of games. That's good that you have a little time off work to relax and spend time with everyone before they all go their separate ways again in a week. I Hope that everyone got everything that they wanted and you got the best gift this year, your becoming grandparents!! Thats so exciting!

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