Monday, 19 December 2011

Week 21

Sounds like your doing great getting ready for all the Christmas activities and having everyone coming back into town. It was a fun week this week. We taught a lot of lessons and are seeing a lot of progression with our investigators although our baptism for the 30th got cancelled. The easy part is getting people to agree to get baptized but the hard part is getting them to church! We haven't been finding a lot of new investigators but we are working hard on getting people prepared to be baptized on Jan. 8. Right now we have one solid person but we want to have three people baptized that day. That would be awesome because I am pretty sure that I'm getting transferred on Jan. 11 so that would be a good way of leaving Reedley. This week Elder Malo was gone for two days at some leadership training so I had two elders come to Reedley for those two days. It was fun and we got a lot done but being in a threesome is just very awkward. So this upcoming week there is a lot of fun things happening. Tomorrow we have our Christmas party so the whole south of the mission is getting together (80 or so missionaries) and we are going to watch 17 miracles again and do some fun stuff. And then on Christmas Eve we are getting together as a zone and watching kung fu panda 2 as a zone and then were going to Diego's for Christmas Eve. Then on Sunday, we have just an hour of church and then were going to a few members homes so were well taken care of. Thanks for all the packages! I haven't opened any of them yet (waiting for Christmas) but I'm excited! Well thats about it with me this week, have a good week off and look forward to talking to you this Sunday!!

So the jacket that the member gave to me I think is for keeps so don't worry about sending money as I will not need it soon as the weather will warm up. Right now is long sleeved weather but when the fog comes in, its a lot colder. So with the phone call, it will probably be around the afternoon but I'm not sure exactly what time. Well, excited to talk to you this weekend, love you and miss you

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