Monday, 12 December 2011

Week 20

So don't have much time to email today because we got stranded at the mall for a couple hours. It was a good week and trying to keep busy all the time which has been hard because its too cold and no one is outside when we bike around. We probably only talk to 5-10 people every hour so the work has slowed down a bit. I can't really remember what happened this week but it was good. Today went shopping in Fresno but couldn't really find anything I liked, I only ended up getting one tie which was a disappointment but everything was too expensive. Nothing special really happening this week, our baptism got cancelled because the mom wouldn't give permission but we will see if we can reschedule her date. Still getting fed and have dinners lined up for Christmas eve and for Christmas so shouldn't be too bad. With the calling thing, I have 40 minutes to talk, so next Monday will finalize a time to talk but will probably be around late afternoon your time. So I don't know what the whole spam thing is all about, but just ignore them I guess. Sounds like you had a good week and a great ward Christmas dinner with a lot of people. We only had about 80-90 people but it was still good. Hope that your having a good week and hope that everything goes well with everyone being in town, it will be fun to play all those games especially the couple game night that is happening. I know there is other stuff that I wanted to talk about but don't have any time so will have to wait til next week. Love you and talk to you soon.

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