Monday, 16 January 2012

Week 25

So don't have much time to email this week as we just got back from shopping in Fresno. We went to go to the church bookstore but when we got there it was closed because of the holiday so that was disappointing but we ended up going to chick fil a as there is only one in our mission and its been a while since I've had it. The first couple days in Kingsburg have been great, we teach a lot more lessons but most aren't to progressing investigators so were focusing on finding new investigators that will get baptized. We found a new investigator this week and she came to church yesterday and she committed to be baptized on Feb. 12 so were excited for that. Besides from that, there aren't any other investigators that are progressing so were working on finding new people. Church was awesome, first time I've heard a baby cry in sacrament since I was back home! The ward is pretty young and we get a lot of youth out with us on team ups which is awesome because they get excited and are more easy going. The dinner calendar is full for the rest of the month so there is good member support which is awesome. Elder Hardy and I get along great. This upcoming week there is not much happening, we are going to the welfare farm on Saturday to go prune the vines so that will be a cool experience. Well gotta get going as we play basketball at 3 every Monday with the Elders Quorum.

Thanks for all your emails. Thats not unexpected that Jenna is getting married as everyone has been saying she will get married this summer but its cool that its set now, too bad youll be busy with Emily and the baby. I heard about the Ravens so thats awesome, I want them to win but I don't want them to win the superbowl the one year that I'm not there to watch!

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