Monday, 1 April 2013

Week 88

This has been a great past week for missionary work in our area. We were able to set five new baptismal dates and two of them are rock solid for the weekend after General Conference. We also found four new investigators and had three of them at church so we are starting to see some really good success. So we had an emergency zone conference yesterday so we just went to church just for the sacrament and then went to the meeting. The mission has been doing extremely poor the past three months and there were some changes made in the mission. We were so focused on finding new investigators that we forgot that the reason we were finding was to baptize them. Last year at this time we were baptizing 90-100 a month and now its 30-40 so now we are refocusing on baptisms. It's crazy how a change in focus can alter the mission so much. It was a great meeting but we had to cancel our Easter dinners so that was a little disappointing but we got back into town at like 8:15 and a member saved some for us so it all worked out. Thanks for the package of goodies, that was probably the last package that I'll get from you guys! It's all gone now though, I love those chocolate eggs! The rest of the week was good, the weather is heating up and it's fun to be outside and talking to everyone, I'm just glad that I don't have to deal with another one of these summers. So tomorrow we have President Interviews and then the Bishop is coming out with us for the night to see the two girls getting baptized next weekend. I'm just super excited for General Conference this weekend, it's like Christmas when it comes around. I think that's about it for this week, next week I have my departing stuff and also my farewell which should be a good experience. It hasn't even set in yet that I only have a couple weeks left, I remember two years ago I never thought this day would come, I thought I would be here forever but now here we are two years later, crazy! Thanks for all the letters and can't wait to see you guys in about three weeks! Love you tons. 

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