Wednesday, 25 May 2011


May 25th. From Baltimore to Salt Lake.
7am Flight.
Needing to be there an hour early, we arrived at 5:20am. Feeling very relaxed.
And feeling sad...
Walked into the airport. Went down to the baggage check in. The line...was approximately a mile? Maybe 800 people? Approximately speaking. It was absolutely crazy. Only getting through about a quarter of the line by 6:30. Having to be pulled out of the line- to enter a new Salt Lake flight line. Being about the 5th group in that line we got to the desk at 6:55.
Rushing to make the flight. Quick farewell picture. And onto security. The last waves, but not for the tears (Alison :) ). Elder Samuel Christian is off to the MTC.
See you again in 2013.

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