Friday, 27 May 2011

MTC Day One

This is the first letter I've written since becoming Elder Christian. Its Thursday morning and I just got back from personal study time and Im already struggling to stay awake but everyone was doing the same so its all good. I slept most of the flight so that was good and I got straight off the plane and onto the shuttle so that worked out well. I was nervous to enter the MTC because the six other guys on the shuttle were anti-social but when I walked in, the first guy I met was one of the Swainson twins from Red Deer so that was kind of random. Theres been no down time since I've got here and am constantly on the move from class to class. My district is really good. We have 12 guys and seven of them are coming to Fresno so I'll know a bunch of them really well before I get to Fresno. My companion Elder Ryan Peterson from Driggs Idaho is super cool and we get along really well, the only downfall is that he's 6'8" so he looks like a giant compared to me. The other companionship are really cool so we have a really fun room compared to the other rooms in our district. We stayed up late talking and were already really close so its good to have some friends because it makes the time so much more enjoyable. We had a fireside last night and it was great because there was a great sense of unity and camaraderie especially while we were singing the hymns. My p-days are Wednesday so I wont's be able to send or check my emails til Wednesday.

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  1. Hey Elder
    Glad to hear you are enjoying the experience. Love to you
    Peter & Nicola and the gang