Wednesday, 1 June 2011

MTC Week One

It's been great to get all the packages, letters, emails, and dear elders over the past week, its defiantly a highlight to get some mail. I hope I can respond to whatever you say because I only have 30 minutes. So I heard you finally got my letter I sent on Thursday, it took forever to get to Baltimore but glad it got there. It's amazing how busy they keep you here, theres seriously no time wasted throughout the whole day which is crazy. I know you got my letter so you know about the first couple days but the days have started to blend together because I wear the same thing, do the same thing, etc. I kinda feel like cattle here because we wake up, go eat, and then go study, eat, study, and then eat again so we don't move much and they are really fattening us up. The food is decent at best but its about quantity here instead of quality so I'm full after each meal at least. The Spanish is coming along well, I pray in Spanish and know how to bear my testimony in Spanish so its cool to see the progress every day. The firesides and devotionals are really cool and its awesome to see a couple thousand elders in one room and you can really feel the spirit when you have that many people singing, especially when all the songs are about missionary work. We do a lot of teaching to fake investigators that are paid to come in so we can teach them, its hard not to laugh during some of them but I guess their good practice. My p-days are on Wednesdays, just letting you know. I was falling asleep the first couple days during personal study but I'm in a good groove now so I'm staying awake. We have 30 minutes, five days a week to exercise so not much time, I've already gained five pounds so I hope the scale was off. My companion is really cool and the district is really awesome, their all really good guys and we have a lot of fun and are always laughing...maybe were having too much fun! Were about to go to the temple so that should be a good experience. My departure date right now is the 27 of July so we have 8 weeks left after today. The short time at the MTC has been so good so far, my testimony is growing everyday as our learn more and more and I'm excited to get into the field to actually teach the people. I'm very thankful to have been taught how to work hard and this has been a blessing because this is hard work and theres so many things to learn all at once but I know that it will come together. I know I'm forgetting some things but my time is up so I'll have to remember them for next week.

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