This week has went by so fast probably because I never know what the day is because every day is the same routine so the days are blending together which is good because that makes the time go by a lot faster especially when your in a classroom all day doing nothing but Spanish. This week was kinda bi-polar, I had a lot of good days but had a couple of bad days which are bound to happen. I don't really like my two teachers, they are kinda weird and I just can't relate to them at all so its tough to listen to their ideas and opinions about missionary work rather than out of the book. Besides from the six hours of classroom instruction with teachers, the time has been really fun and I learn so much more when I'm studying without a teacher. My Spanish is getting better and I can know say a lot more phrases to get to know people and just have small talk. It's been hard this week because we've been doing a lot of fake door contacts and my companion does not know any Spanish so I've had to do the whole thing in Spanish while he just stands there so its tough on me cuz I have to do it all but it will just make me learn a lot quicker, its just a little stressful right now. One of the elders from our district left last Wednesday night so now we have 11 elders in our district instead of 12. And then this past Sunday another elder left from our zone so its weird to see all these people leaving. It's crazy to think that I'm already done 25% of my time at the MTC which is so exciting because I just want to get to Fresno to do it for real instead of teaching lessons to our teachers. I see Jake Walker a couple times each day cuz he's on the floor above me and we talk quite a bit when we are doing laundry and stuff so its cool to see him all the time.