Wednesday, 22 June 2011

MTC Week 4

So this week has went by so quick yet again and I'm struggling to write a journal because nothing that interesting ever happens so when I hit the field it will probably be more interesting. All the mission presidents came today so theres security everywhere and we can't go in certain buildings because theres apostles and important people here which is a little different than usual. We have a special devotional on Friday that is two hours and theirs a rumor that the prophet is speaking so hopefully that is true but even if it isn't it will be a few apostles. And then on Sunday we have another special two hour event so it sounds like were going to hear from some cool people this week. Also on Friday we went to spend two hours with our new mission president and since theres only ten of us going to Fresno it sounds like we will really get to know him pretty well. We hope he takes us out to some steak place because this food is tearing everyone apart. So these next couple days are going to be fun because its something new and out of the daily routine that we usually follow. This past week has been the same kind of thing, just studying and nothing too exciting to report. My studying is getting a lot better and I can really see my knowledge in Spanish and in the gospel growing every week. My Book of Mormon reading is going really well, I'm in Mosiah now and reading has been so good because it has given me new insight and has helped me spiritually. Our district is still struggling focusing which is a shame because theirs people that want to goof off and then theres people who want to study but we have to stay in the room so theres a little contention about that. I love the MTC some days but get sick of it on others but I love the mission so far and can't wait to hit the field. I would also like the book, Doctrines of Salvation. I've heard good things about it so I really want to read that.

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