Thursday, 7 July 2011

MTC Week 5

Another week has flown by already but it was a good one. This past Friday night we got to hear from Elder Bednar in a special Friday night fireside and it was really good, it was about being a "Preach my Gospel" missionary. I got really good seats, probably about 25 feet away so that was cool. After the fireside we were able to meet with our mission president and he made a good first impression because he brought ice cream sandwiches which was nice (The little things mean a lot when your in the MTC). We had a camera crew from the church in our meeting and its going to be on sometime this week and then in a month or so its going to be used in some church production so I could be a movie star here really soon. The meeting was really good and you could tell how much he loved us because he told us that he has been praying for each of us by name since we got here and that meant a lot. We just all shared our testimonies and told a little about ourselves so that was cool. He then asked what he and Sister Galwix could do for us and everyone was saying a bunch of stuff and then when it got around to me I told him the food has been tearing me apart and then told him I want to go out for a steak when I got to Fresno so he promised he would take me out for a steak and that worked out well cuz it was a joke but looks like I get a steak out of it. He promised everyone he would do anything they wanted and you could tell he really meant it and you can sense that he was a genuine guy and he asked from us is to work hard and never lose his trust. After the meeting we just talked for an hour because he really likes to talk and it sounds like you also got to experience a little Galwix. Thats so awesome that you were able to talk to him and I'm so glad that I got him as a mission president. I wasn't sure why I was called to Fresno and even when I entered the MTC I didn't know why I was called to Fresno but I now know why I was called to this mission, and thats because of President Galwix. We took a picture with him and I sent that today so you'll get that soon. His wife is super nice too and I feel so lucky to have a Mission President that cares so much about his missionaries and I'm lucky that I was here while he was because everyone says that the Mission President is always closest to the ones who were at the MTC with and because all my two years will be with him. I can't believe how fast time flies in the MTC, it's been 5 weeks already so that means I only have 3 and a half weeks left and thats a good things because I'm eating the salads and wraps now which means its time to go. My Spanish is slowly progressing but I know that it takes about a year to be completely fluent so I'm just going to keep working at it. I got an email from president this week so I'll print that off because it has all of his notes from his meetings with the apostles so I want to read that. Thanks for the Doctrines of salvation, I love to be able to read those at night and I have one more book that I want but I'll send you the title next week.

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