Wednesday, 20 July 2011

MTC Week 8

I'm so close to being out of here!!! I got my flight plans this Thursday and I leave the MTC at 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday morning and my flight is at 12:40 p.m. so I should have a while to talk to you. I got your phone card with 6 hours worth of talking so that should defiantly be enough cuz I'm thinking I'll have about an hour or so to talk on the phone which is exciting. I'm also looking forward to being in the outside world after two months of being stuck in the MTC and seeing nothing of the outside world which will kinda be weird. Oh don't send out anything else to the MTC because I probably won't get it since Monday is a holiday here in Utah, so I probably won't get any of it and same with the dear elders. So this week has been a really good one because I'm cramming in a lot of last minute Spanish stuff and although I feel pretty good about Spanish now, I know that as soon as I get there people will talk so fast and it will be hard to understand but I pray that I'll be able to understand what their saying so I can help them even if I can't say things that I want to yet. So the Spanish all in all is good and I feel like I know a lot of Spanish if its about the gospel! Were wrapping up our class time and the teaching has been going really well and I've noticed that even if I can't say what I feel I can kinda get around it and use the vocab I use but I'm excited for the day that I can say what I feel. So this Friday I have in- field orientation which is a day all about preparing for the field which is exciting because they have a lot of cool people that teach it and that means that class is over with!! I haven't been able to go the temple because it is still closed but thats fine because we get five hours of personal time where I can do whatever I want which is awesome. My time at the MTC has been so fun mostly because I got an awesome district that all get along and no weirdos so I'm thankful that the time here has been a blast. These past few weeks have also been great because I've learned so much more about the gospel and has been a very spiritual experience and time of growth spiritually speaking.

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