Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Leaving the MTC

I am leaving the MTC in like 15 minutes but I thought I would send a quick email. I'm excited to talk to you guys today and I should have about an hour to talk so thats good. hopefully I can figure out how to use a pay phone since I've never used one before. I can't believe how fast these nine weeks have went, seriously the fastest nine weeks of my life! I've seen some of the greatest, and most intense parts and comb overs I've ever seen, it's been wonderful. This week has been awesome, can't remember much about it but the salta people left on Sunday so that sucked to say goodbye to them because I was very close to two of them in that group but after the mission I will defiantly hang out with them cuz their awesome. Now its the Fresno peoples turn to leave, we have 19 people in our travel group, 12 Spanish and 7 English, I think thats a lot of people to be going to one place at one time so I think the work in Fresno must be doing pretty well. I have learned so much at the MTC and am grateful that I got to spend nine weeks here because its really not all that bad, its a very spiritual place and I have grown so much on my mission already. Something I learned this week was that the mission has a two-fold purpose, one to bring others unto Christ but also for the missionary and I have seen myself change quite a bit over these past few weeks. Well I better go cuz its time to check in at the travel office and I get to talk to you guys in a couple hours so we can talk about things then.

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