Thursday, 7 July 2011

MTC Week 6

So another week has gone by and moving into the seventh week here at the MTC. It's crazy how fast time goes here. This was a good week. On Saturday night we had a special July 4 celebration and it was really well down. We had a good speaker, sang some songs, had a cool video presentation on all the missions around the world and its crazy that there are so many missions now! After that we were able to go watch fireworks which is a treat because it was at 11:30 and we normally have to be in our rooms by 9:30 so that was cool. On Friday one of my two teachers left to go home because his family is having health issues so that kinda sucks that he left because he knows us really well and we now just get subs that don't really know us or where we are at with our Spanish but it keeps things interesting because every teacher is different. On Sunday night we had Jenny Oaks Baker at our fireside who is Elder Oaks daughter and this was a different fireside because she gave a talk but every 5 or 10 minutes she would play a song on the violin which was really cool because she is very accomplished and used to play with the National Orchestra so she was really good. My studying has got a lot better and I really enjoy the personal study time because I learn so much every day and I know have a lot of good notes and scriptures for my lessons. My Spanish is coming along but I'm getting more nervous for when I leave because I will have to teach people for real in Spanish so I hope I learn a lot more in the next 2 and a half weeks. I can't wait to get out of here because my back is starting to give me problems because I'm sitting down for over 14 hours a day with only getting 50 minutes for gym each day so I can't wait to get out in the field and be on the move all the time.

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