Wednesday, 15 June 2011

MTC Week 3

This week went by really quick and I don't have anything amazing that happened this week, especially because all the days seem to blend together now. Our Tuesday night devotional was rumored to be President Uchetdorf and we all got excited and lined up an hour early to get good seats but it ended up being the Primary President so that was disappointing but it was still good. We haven't had any apostles or first presidency yet which is unusual but next week is when the mission presidents come to get trained so hopefully we have some good speakers then because the devotionals and firesides are defiantly the highlights of the week. The Spanish is coming along I guess but my companion still is struggling so most of the work is on me during the lessons so thats really tough to do all the talking while he just sits there but we get along great so overall its good. Two new districts come in later today so that is exciting because a district just left on Monday and the two new districts combined have 8 sisters and 14 elders so that should level out the testerone level a bit. I started reading the Book of Mormon on Sunday and I want to read the entire thing before I leave so will have to read about 18 pages a day but I got some other guys to do it with me; I'm excited to do this. It will be tough because we don't get much personal time because it's always language study. We also had a "come to Jesus" meeting in our district this week because one of the guys in the district wasn't happy about some things but it was cool because everyone got everything off their chest and there was a lot of crying in the room so that was defiantly a new experience. Thats about all the cool stuff that happened this week really.

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  1. Good luck with the Book of Mormon reading. love ya