Monday, 19 September 2011

Week 8

So Gloria got baptized yesterday!!! It was an awesome experience and will never forget it. So we did all the normal baptismal service stuff and then when it came time for the baptism I had no clue what I was doing because I expected the card with what to say to be there but it wasn't so I was trying to remember how it goes but that wasn't the real issue. The first attempt was tough, I knew what to say but Gloria was a stiff board and her elbow came up and she forgot to plug her nose so she came out of the water choking so had to wait like a minute or so to wait for her to stop choking to do it again, it was defiantly not how I imagined my first baptism going but can only go uphill from here. The second time went better and she got baptized so its all good, defiantly will never forget that baptism. The other people were working with right now is Diego who is awesome and said he's going to be baptized he just needs to come to church before he commits on any date so hopefully that is soon. We started working with someone called Steven who lives in our apartment complex, I went with him on Tuesday to play basketball at the church and he really enjoyed that so now he has people that he knows. He asks a lot of questions and is really interested in the gospel, he has a solid foundation and good morals so he's easy to work with. We taught him the Plan of Salvation last night and he really appreciated the lesson, he kept thanking us for the "new insight" so I think its all starting to make sense to him now. We have a few other investigators that were really working with who also can get baptized soon so this area is doing really well despite how hard it is. Also this week, Elder Malo was gone for two days at some leadership training so two elders came to Reedley and we had so much fun and got a lot done which is the best combo. The seventy postponed his tour of the mission until October so didn't have that last week. This week I'm going on an exchange with the Zone Leaders on Tuesday and Wednesday. We have specialized training all day Tuesday so that should be fun. On Saturday I'm going back to the vineyard because we have to roll up the grapes that we picked a little while ago. That's about it for this week, time is really starting to fly and am enjoying myself more and more each week as I get used to mission life and have a good companion.
Elder Christian

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