Monday, 26 September 2011

Week 9

Thanks for all the emails this week. So this week has flown by. On Tuesday we had specialized training all day which was about ATM, which is Awake the Members and how to get to know members better and getting referrals, I think that it's going to work pretty well so it was a good meeting it just went too long as usual. It sounds like Laura might of got the same kind of training. So this week, nothing exciting really happened. We are struggling to find people that will even hear us out so thats tough. We have a few solid investigators that we are teaching but none have baptismal dates so we need to really work on that. We got a referral this week, her name is Josefina, she's in her 60's, and we met with her on Saturday and she is so nice but she's had a rough life. She was raped by her father when she was a child and no one believed her, not even her own mother, and her mother hated her, and she never got married because of what she went through as a child. There was a bunch of other stuff too but it was really depressing but she is the sweetest lady and she came to church on Sunday and I know she is going to get baptized soon. She loved church and the people so thats really exciting. We also had Steven at church on Sunday and he wasn't a big fan, he is used to loud music and jumping around and our church is defiantly not like that so I'm not sure whats going to happen with him. Diego didn't come to church again but were going to keep working with him because he will be such a great member when he's eventually baptized, he just needs to come to church. We have a few other people were working with so were doing a lot of teaching but we had a lot of appointments this week fall through which is a little depressing but hopefully this week is better. I just read my letter from President Gelwix and he was telling me how hot my area is, so hopefully that means that I get to stay another transfer! This upcoming week I have an exchange and I get to stay in Reedley and a missionary I really like is coming here so I'm excited for that. The trip to the vineyard to roll the grapes got postponed so were going to that tomorrow night if we can get an investigator to go. I can't think of much else happening this week besides General Conference which is going to be awesome. I didn't realize that Laura is home in two weeks! Thats an exciting time although from her letters it sounds like she has mixed feelings and shes going to be weird. Glad to hear that you got the photos, will send more soon, its easier to mail them than to upload them because the internet is so slow.

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