Monday, 3 October 2011

Week 10

Another week has passed quickly and the weeks now seem to blend together so can't really remember too much of this week because their all so similar. I had an exchange this week with an Elder who came to be with me in Reedley and it was so much fun, I wish I had him as a companion! We are both pretty new so our Spanish wasn't that great but that's the best way to learn is when both aren't really that good because it forces you to say stuff. This week has been my clergy week because all we've done pretty much is go and give people blessings. We gave 5 blessings because everyone is old or sick in this ward so that was cool, I gave two of them so that was interesting because I have never given one before but it went well. My first blessing was better than my first baptism, thats for sure! We also had conference so that took up a lot of time but in between each session bishop fed us so it was good. He's fed us like 4 times over the past couple days so I guess he's not getting sick of us and I heard he called you, he's awesome. We only had 4 other people in the building during all the sessions since everyone watches it at home these days and no ice cream social as there was only about 10 people at priesthood session, Our investigators are continuing to progress so hopefully we get a few people baptized before the end of the transfer which is in two weeks. I've been struggling this week with physical strength, I'm tired all the time, if I sit down anywhere, I'll fall asleep. I fell asleep in two lessons this week, I try and stay awake but physically I can't keep myself awake. I'm not sure there is much I can do about it since I have to wake up at 6:30 each day and can't go to bed until at least 10:30. I just wish I could stay awake because it's embarrassing that I go in and out of sleep during lessons. I need like an adrenaline needle that I can stick in me when I'm falling asleep! That's about all that happened this week, nothing too exciting. This week there is nothing big happening, just another exchange and we have transfer calls in less than two weeks and transfer calls are like Christmas, so I'm looking forward to what happens with that.

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