Monday, 31 October 2011

week 14

Happy Halloween!! So this week has been pretty good. On Wednesday we had Elder Kolliker of the Seventy come visit us and it was pretty good, he basically taught that we need to have our investigators at the temple a week after they are baptized and that we need to kneel with our investigators and if we do that our baptisms will double. Thats a great promise so we have been kneeling with our investigators needless to say. The rest of the week we have been trying to find new people that will progress so we have been biking a lot but has not paid much dividends so far. My legs are killing but it makes the day go by faster. On Sunday we had two investigators at church, we had Breise who we just started teaching and she can get baptized this month so were excited about her and then we had Carly who is 11 and were going to baptize her too. Diego didn't come to church this week because his wife was in Connecticut with her sister but he said he wants to be baptized but doesn't want to cause tension in his family because his family are JW's. I gave a talk this Sunday about general conference so that was cool ( I didn't use any notes for the first time). We had a linger longer after church but it was a full on meal so that was different compared to the usual snacks that we have. Today we went to Sequoia National Park and that was so cool, we finally did something on preparation day. We saw the biggest tree in the world and the third biggest tree in the world today, the trees are beyond big. I'll send some pictures next week. A member took us and we invited four other missionaries so we had a good time but I'm tired now. So tonight we aren't allowed to go out since it is Halloween, we either have to stay in our apartments or go to a members but we can't move the car or go out on our bikes so we will go to someones and play some games or go out to dinner so that should be fun. This week there is nothing really happening so were just going to try and find new investigators.
Thanks for sending the packages, the food is appreciated. That's good to hear that Jeff is going on a mission. Sorry I can't respond to much but I don't have much time, we got back late from the park and we have to go to our apartment now because it's nearly 6 but sounds like everyone is keeping busy and having a good time. Appreciate how good our ward is and how many people we have because it is so much more fun and is a more enjoyable experience going to church. Well got to go but look forward to talking to you next week. Love and miss you

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