Monday, 10 October 2011

Week 11

Good to get your emails this week. It has been a good week. Were starting to find more investigators to teach, Reedley is a ghost town in the day as everyone is in school or working in the fields so all of our investigators are through the members and investigators that we already have. We started teaching Glorias niece who lives with her and she is considering being baptized so we will set a date with her for early November. Church was kind of disappointing this week as we only had one investigator at church but two others said they were going to be there but never showed up. We have a pretty good teaching pool right now. This week was pretty usual but on Saturday we had interviews with President Gelwix which was really good. He asked me if I would be fine staying in Reedley next transfer and I told him that I would so he said that he would do all that is in his power to keep me here. He is a great motivator and always makes me want to do better. He also knew I was a Ravens fan and told me that Haloti Ngata is coming in March for a fireside and that he is going to let me call him to talk to him so that should be sweet. Haloti was a player for President Gelwix at Highland high (have you seen President Gelwixs video?) So the meeting was really good and I just checked my email from him and he told me that I was one of his mission heroes and the whole email was really nice so I appreciated that. I love having three hours each day to study, I am learning so much from just reading the Book of Mormon every day and from Preach my Gospel. I feel like I'm growing spiritually just in the short time that I've been out. My Spanish is getting so much better but it's still a struggle since I'm teaching half English and half Spanish, I hope I go to an area where it is just 100% Spanish, I think that would help me out the most. Elder Malo is great but he's getting more disobedient each week so I'm constantly correcting him but we get along well enough. My next preparation day is Saturday because salt lake messed up the flights and instead of transfers next Wednesday its this Monday so I won't have a preparation day next week but I will get bishop to let you know if I'm getting transferred or if I'm staying here. I'm pretty sure I'm staying but things can always change. That's about it for this week, I can't believe that transfer time is here again, time is going by so fast!

Laura comes home tomorrow!! It's weird to think that she is home tomorrow and no longer a missionary. I hope that she makes a pretty quick adjustment. I heard that Steve Jobs died this week, that's so crazy, he was only 56! I imagine that their stock dropped big time. So someone told me that Bank of America is going to charge $5 a month just to have a debit card with them. Is this true? If it is then I need to change banks because by the time I get home the $200 that is in there will pretty much be gone. I haven't had to use any personal funds yet and don't think I will ever have to since I always have extra money at the end of each month. I stayed awake this week so maybe it was just a rough week.. Have a good week and enjoy Laura for the 3 weeks that you have her. Miss you and love you tons.

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