Monday, 24 October 2011

Week 13

It feels like a long time since I last wrote and I'm now trying to remember all that has happened. So two Sundays ago, we only had one investigator at church and ten people said they were coming so that was disappointing, but the one person that did come was Diego!! I've been working with Diego for three months now and were finally starting to see some progress so despite every not showing up besides him, I was extremely excited. After church that Sunday, we were invited to Diegos for a bbq with all his in-laws family (who are members) and that was a really good time and really good food. I'm learning how to make a lot of Mexican dishes from all the Spanish ladies in the ward so Elder Malo and I made some Mexican food for lunch the other day and it was really good surprisingly. On Monday we went over to bishops and he gave each of us three big steaks so I guess bishop isn't sick of me yet. Also on Monday, transfers happened and Elder Flores, who is in the area next to Reedley left which its sad because we got along so well. So this week has been a week of physical labor and bad news. So on Wednesday, we went to a members to do service and when we got there we found a tower of 96 hay bails to be moved. I never want to move hay ever again, each one weighed between 100-120 pounds so that was defiantly not fun but was a good work out and we got taken out to lunch so it's all good. Then on Thursday another member wanted service so we went over and cut his palm trees and that took a good 4 hours. So I don't know if I have told you already but Reedley is a super old ward, there are 0 nursery age kids and 5 in primary and for the 3 months that I have been in Reedley I have only ate at someones under the age of 60 once, and we get fed every day!! It's a old ward but it's awesome. So a sister died this week from cancer and then a brother in the ward got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer yesterday and every else is suffering from something or another so the ward is shrinking. So the work is slowing down a little as were struggling to find people who are serious, but this week we committed Vivian (Glorias niece) to be baptized on Nov. 27 so hopefully she will make that date. Besides from that we have Diego who we are going to commit. On Sunday we had stake conference and it was good but no investigators came because it was too far away. And then this morning we went to Bishops as usual but we also picked pomegranites (that's not how it's spelled) so I was up in the tree picking those and then we squeezed them to make pomegranite juice so that was a cool experience. Elder Malo and I get along great but he's not really interested in being obedient but I'm just going to do all I can and encourage him but it's not worth getting in a fight over so I'm just going to let him decide for himself, it's just a shame because he doesn't feel like a missionary with the way he acts and doesn't really teach with the spirit. This week we have the seventy coming on Wednesday and that is all day so that should be good and then going on exchange with the zone leaders. Should be a good week as people have said that their going to be at church so hopefully this is the week we can have ten at church!!

Sounds like you guys are all constantly on the run!! That's good but I'm glad that your not investigators because you would never have time. That is something that we have been struggling with the past couple weeks, no one is ever home or are too busy! Sounds like Laura is getting used to normal life although she is going out with the sisters. I didn't know we still had sisters. Also I won't need money because the 135 is enough for the whole month. Thanks for sending the blessing and also the package, I'll probably send a package home when I get transferred so I have less stuff to haul around.

Oh one more thing, I read the book you sent me, Joseph Smith, A Rough Stone what a great book, I have never read a better book in my life. What a testimony builder, there was so much stuff in there that answered so many questions that I had that weren't answered anywhere else and so much interesting stuff.

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