Monday, 14 November 2011

Week 16

Great to hear everything is going well back home. Things are going good with me. On Tuesday, I went on an exchange to Selma with Elder Cruz which was really fun but it was super cold. They are in an all bike area so we were just biking all day. I didn't think that California got cold, but it unfortunately does not just have palm trees and beaches! On Saturday we had an emergency exchange because there is an elder in our district who hates his companion and is considering going home so he came to Reedley with me. I get along with him but he is lazy so that would be frustrating dealing with that all day. On Sunday we had a couple of investigators at church. Breise was there again, so that is 5 straight weeks of coming to church but our lesson the other night backfired on us. We told her to pray for a date to be baptized and we were thinking she would say next week or in two weeks but she said January 8 so that was kind of depressing because shes set on that date now. Now I know in the future to never try that again, it sucks because we've been working with her so long and I probably won't be in this area in January. We also had our other baptismal date for December 4 come to church so she's looking solid for that day. Besides from that we've just been talking to everyone we see and teaching our other investigators.

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