Monday, 28 November 2011

Week 18

Hope that you had a good thanksgiving holiday. So we got news about transfers on Friday night and I'm staying in Reedley again with Elder Malo. Wasn't really expecting to stay another transfer here, especially with Elder Malo, but will be here for at least another month and a half. So I have yet to experience what getting transferred feels like and what a different area is like. The good news though is that we have a lot of planned baptisms that I thought I wouldn't be at that I will now. This upcoming Sunday we have Josefinas baptism, she asked that either Elder Malo or I baptize her and the other do the confirmation. I don't really want to be the one baptizing her because she is a bigger lady and she is pretty afraid of drowning so it's a one shot deal with her and I take a couple times to baptize them. So this week I need to learn how to confirm someone in Spanish! On Thursday we went to play at the turkey bowl and that was a lot of fun we had 7v7 and we played for two hours, but I have never been so sore in my life, I'm still feeling the effects of it! At 1 we went to a families for dinner and then we had another dinner at 5 and 7 so we got fed really well. Also got to watch 17 miracles, it was really good but I think that I liked it because I haven't seen a movie in so long. So, still a little surprised that I'm staying in Reedley another transfer but were going to make it a white Christmas (of baptisms!!).
I heard about the Ravens game cuz I was getting trash talked all week about how the 49ers were going to kill the ravens but everyone is quiet now that they lost.

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