Monday, 21 November 2011

Week 17

Great to hear from you, sounds like your getting ready for the holiday season. My week was good! We are starting to teach a lot of new investigators and are teaching a lot more lessons each week. I feel like this week has been the turning point for my Spanish, it's gotten a lot better recently because I refuse to speak English anymore, it's hard but it will be worth it. This past Saturday we had our ward thanksgiving dinner and it was really good, they were a lot of people (a lot more than at church) and we got three investigators there. Josefina is looking good for the 4th of December which we are excited about. Diego was also there but he kept on asking where all the young people were, we are still struggling to find a friend in the ward for him, I don't think he's going to progress unless we get someone young to fellowship him. Last night we got a surprise visit from President, when we got dropped off he appeared out of the woodworks and ambushed us. He was doing a BYD for our ward and he came after that. So from 9-11 last night we were talking about the area and then he interviewed us individually, it was good to talk to him about some things, my interview with him lasted a little over an hour but I got some really good instruction and advice. This week is going to be a lot of fun. We have some promising investigators to teach and then on thanksgiving we have the turkey bowl in the morning and then we have three families feeding us on thanksgiving so were set. That's cool that you watched the movie 17 miracles, it's funny because thats the one were allowed to watch for thanksgiving. We can't go out on thanksgiving unless we are at a members so we will just be eating all day which will be fun. On Saturday we have transfer calls so will be finding out if I am leaving. I think that I'm leaving so it's sad to leave because I love the members and our investigators but at the same time I think I need a change of scenery as I have been here for 4 1/2 months. Well, thats about it for this week! Well thanks for all the emails and support that you give me. Hope that you have a good thanksgiving and black Friday. Love you and look forward to hearing from you next week and talking to you in a month! Miss you all.

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