Monday, 9 April 2012

Week 37

So we had a good week this past week. We had a great lesson this past Wednesday at a members home and there was a great spirit there. His wife has been inactive for 6 years and she wants to get back to church and he doesn't know much about the church but the anti stuff that he has been told but he wants to be baptized and he came to church this past Sunday. We also had 4 other investigators there so were starting to get some people to church. It's starting to warm up, its in the 80's already and I'm getting flash backs of last summer. Easter was a lot of fun, we went to the Bishops and ate dinner and then went to another family's for another dinner so it was a successful day. We are doing better with finding but still hard in the towns we are serving in, a lot of wealthy people so it's tough. This upcoming week we have a lot of appointments set so we should have a lot of good teaching appointments this week. Also, we have an All mission conference this week with Elder Christofferson and a newly called 70 so should be fun. I know it's rare to get two apostles your whole mission and were getting two in a month so its exciting. My companion is doing better and seems to be enjoying himself more so makes it better for me too.

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