Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Week 39

Thanks for all your letters. This past week has been good, we've been doing a lot of tracting and seeing pretty good success with it, about 1 in every 8 or so doors gives us a return appointment so we've been doing that as thats the best use of time as not many people walk as they all have cars. Something that I've noticed recently with doing all this tracting is that most people are not interested in religious or spiritual things as we will be talking to people casually and then we eventually bring up the gospel and then they aren't interested and say that they are busy or got to get going. It just is something that I've noticed this week, people are more interested into the things of the world than in the gospel...I think that I need to work on making the gospel sound more appealing and make these people see how it can benefit them because most people are only going to do something that will better them. We had a good week as we had 5 investigators at church, were just struggling to get a baptism. It's hard because I'm being the best missionary I've been on my mission and yet I'm seeing less success than ever so it's hard so see the results go down when I'm putting in the most work. Yesterday morning we were asked to go to a funeral and dedicate the grave so we go there yesterday morning and it was just a small family thing so there was only 20 people there but when we got there she asked if we could give the eulogy too so my companion did the dedication of the grave and then I gave a 10 minute eulogy. It was hard as I've never met the guy who died but just talked about the plan of salvation so it was good, It was a good experience. We then went to go do service at a members and we had to take out three tree stumps and took like 4 hours and I forgot to wear sunscreen so needless to say I got burnt pretty good, I will add the picture on the email. We got to go to the temple today so that was awesome as we only go every 4 1/2 months, I wish we could go more but were doing the work for the living, not the dead. So tomorrow we have an appointment with the catholic priest in town so that should be a good experience, it took a while to meet with him so I'm excited we finally get to talk to him. I'll let you know how that goes. Also this week we have Mormon helping hands on Saturday and the night before we have a date night ward activity and were going to be the servers so no date for me!

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