Monday, 16 April 2012

Week 38

So had a great week. We've changed it up this week and doing a lot of tracting to find new investigators. We did pretty well and got some new investigators and a lot of people we need to follow up on. We had a great lesson with James this past week at the members house and committed him to baptism for the 29th of April so hopefully he is able to make his date. We also have a few other investigators that have some good potential. On Saturday morning we had an all mission conference in Fresno again and Elder Christofferson and Elder Bassett came to speak to us. Elder Bassett is a newly called seventy but he was amazing, he gave a great discourse and he knows the scriptures back and front, makes me want to get in the scriptures more. Elder Christofferson just opened it up to questions and it was really good also. We then went to the adult session and they both spoke again and it was really good, they both had a glow about them, it was incredible. Sunday morning, President Gelwix spoke and then the temple president and then those two spoke again. Elder Christofferson stressed on going to the temple and doing whatever it takes to get to the temple, he then said that nothing builds faith faster than paying tithing because it requires sacrifice. All the conferences were great and glad that I've had the opportunity to hear from two apostles in the last month. This week there is nothing too exciting happening, just having an exchange and going back to Reedley so that should be fun.

Hey, Im not sure if i sent you this website last month but we took another picture of the whole mission so the website Could you download the pictures to my laptop so I have them when I get home? Oh yes I got your Easter money and card, thanks!!!

Well, I'm about to go play some basketball but I love you all and miss you.

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