Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Week 40

So we had a great past week, keeping really busy but nothing too eventful. On Wednesday we met with the Father at the local catholic church and he was really really nice, a little creppy though. We had a good discussion and he was interested in the Apostasy and wants to know exactly where we believe the authority was lost so we need to do a little more studying. His last question was "Where and what is kolob?" so that question does come up sometimes. On Thursday, we had volleyball which we do every Thursday night, we started it like 2 months ago and we always have pretty good attendance with members and investigators. On Friday the ward put on a date night and we were the servers and then they just played couples games so wasn't too friendly for us, but we had 3 investigators come with their spouses so we were pleased with that. On Saturday we had Helping Hands, we went to the pioneer village and redid the landscaping and painting and doing the floors so it was a good project. On Sunday, we had 5 investigators at church and one of them was James who is very close to baptism. He is already living everything, he just wants to come to church more, he is already paying his tithing so he's ahead of the game. We then had a linger longer after church and then we went to James' for dinner and he said he will baptized before May 16 because thats when transfers are. I am hoping that I don't get transferred but it might happen so got to make the most of these next couple weeks. 

Well thanks for all the emails and your support, get to talk to you all in less than two weeks, I will get the details for you next week. I can't think of anything else that I need or want right now. Everything is good. Love and miss you all.

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