Monday, 28 May 2012

week 44

So got a bit of bad news, its kind of old news as it happened last Monday but had to wait til today to talk to you. Right after I emailed you last week, I hurt myself playing basketball. I jumped up to get a rebound and when I came down I landed awkwardly on someones shoe and I heard a pop and since then I haven't been able to walk on it. I thought it was just a sprain but its a week later and am in more pain than when it happened. I went to the doctors on Thursday as I couldn't handle the pain and was getting a little worried because my toes are black. I took an xray but I got a call the next day saying that my foot was too swollen so they need to do another xray and maybe an MRI. So needless to say, this week has been very different as I've been on crutches all week but we still had a lot of success. We found 7 new investigators and 5 of them are member referrals so were excited about them and they said they will be at church so thats awesome. I think I should probably take it a little slower this week as I think I'm not helping myself recover from the injury by working all day and then just icing it and elevating it at night. So all Thursday was spent at the hospital as they don't know whats wrong, and then all friday was a zone conference so that was really good. Saturday we went to a baptism from the other elders in our wards baptism so that was awesome to have two weeks with a baptism in the ward, hopefully it will get the ward excited to do more missionary work. This upcoming week, I have a district meeting tomorrow and then I'm going back to the doctors either Tuesday or Wednesday to see whats up with my foot as I'm in a lot of pain and not taking any medication. Was planning on doing a couple exchanges this week but not sure how good they will be as I'm kinda slow right now.

Well I would like to keep going but my time is up so got to get crutching away, I sent some pictures of some random stuff so hopefully you enjoy them, especially the one of the fat foot!

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