Monday, 7 May 2012

Week 41

Had a great week this past week. Wasn't in my area much as I was doing exchanges with the Zone Leaders and then with the District Leader so it was a lot of fun and learned a lot on how to become better. We also have a solid baptism on May 19, James committed to that date so its awesome news but transfers are the 16th so might miss it but hopefully I'm still here. I think I'm leaving but I think that every transfer because I've been in my areas so long but I'm hoping that I stay. We've been doing a lot of finding but no one too solid has come from it yet, a lot of people will let us come over and teach but the part that involves them doing something is the hard part. So this upcoming week, Elder Cruz is leaving after he extended his mission a month this Thursday so his companion will be with us for the week until transfers. His companion is a little strange so it should be interesting doing everything with 3 people instead of two. I've served with Elder Cruz since my second transfer so we've served with each other for the past 9 months so it's sad to see him go. We have transfer calls on Saturday night so will let you know in the phone call if I'm leaving or staying. With the phone call,  It will probably be more 2ish because we have dinner at the bishops at 4. It feels not too long ago that it was Christmas! We also found out some great news this week, were having another apostle coming...Elder Ballard is coming on June 16 so thats crazy to have 3 apostles in 4 months, I'm not sure theres many that get more than 1 so its defiantly exciting to be here at this time! I also started not eating fast food and I'm on week 3 of not eating fast food (In n' Out doesn't count) and I've felt a lot healthier since and lost 5 pounds so I'm going to keep going with that. Now I just need to start working out good each morning.

Well I better get going, but I love you and look forward to talking to you all this Sunday!!

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