Monday, 14 May 2012

week 42

It was great to talk to you yesterday, although wasn't able to talk to Emily, but I did get her voicemail so got to hear her voice! Sounds like things are going great back home and things are going great on this side. I'm very pleased to be staying in Kingsburg because I'm very comfortable here and love the members in this ward, it's going to be hard when I leave this area. I'm on track for 4 areas on my mission! Although I think Laura had less than that! I'm really excited for this upcoming transfer and it's really going to push me to become better than I am now. It's been interesting being in a trio this past week but I know why we work in twos. The other elder is in the bathroom about 2 hours a day pooping so will be glad to have more time when he leaves on Wednesday, he blames it on the Mexican food, but that much pooping is crazy, he has a problem. This upcoming week we have James baptism on Saturday so am looking forward to that as we have been working really hard, but not seeing the success that we would like to see. I hope this jumpstarts us and the district to baptize more.

Thanks for sending the pictures. All the projects look really good, I think that the office looks really good and is in a good location.  Same thing with the kitchen! It looks a lot more modern. Appreciated the fat faces too! I did one the other day so thats funny you just sent those. Was that one of Jess's senior pictures?  I don't have much time today as were about to go to Home Depot and get a giant whiteboard so I can stay organized this transfer with everything. I will send pictures next week as I have a few that I haven't sent yet. Well, it was great talking to you yesterday and am glad that everything is going well with everyone. I miss you all and love you.

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