Monday, 24 September 2012

Week 61

Well it was good to get your letters and to hear how your doing. So this past week was the best number week I've had since I got here and we got a lot done but my new companion is making it hard on me. Every transfer, I think it will be easier and not as challenging but it just keeps getting harder on me with the companions I'm getting. I had the thought that's it me but all the other elders feel bad for me because I tell them my last couple companions and they just tell me how sorry they feel for me. My new companion is Elder White and he's from Colorado and he's just been out like 4 months now. He has ADHD and OCD and is a very interesting person, I'll leave it at that. I'm really happy that I stayed though because we are getting member referrals every week and the ward takes care of us. My companion is over bearing and has already offended a couple people so I need to do some damage control. Josie came to church again this week and she has a baptismal date for Oct. 5 so were getting her ready for that date., I just can't let my companions prevent me from being happy like I have with some of my other companions and it's going well so far. I'm trying to be patient with him. I think that in a couple weeks we will have got used to how we work and hopefully things will be better. This week we are going to do service in the community at a place that gives out food and clothing to the less well off and I've been organizing it the past couple weeks because I wanted to do some service once every week and get known in the community so this was something that worked out. I got some other elders in on it too so they are super happy to have us because they don't have many volunteers so it worked out perfect. We also are doing Mormon helping hands this Saturday in our ward so plenty of service to do this week. This ward is on top of their dinner calendar as we have October and November already filled so we eat good here. I was thinking about it the other day and there hasn't been one day on my mission where I haven't had dinner and I've yet to cook on my mission so I have been blessed in all my areas because a lot of areas don't get fed that much. That's about it for this upcoming week, just pray that I can be patient with my companion because that is going to be a big struggle for me this transfer.  Thanks for everything. Love you and miss you!

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