Monday, 10 December 2012

Week 72

So it has been a great past week. We taught Tina three times this past week before she left for L.A. on Saturday and in our last lesson we watched Prophet of the Restoration and she said that she has never felt the spirit so strong in her life so we our glad that we watched that with her. She is getting baptized so that's super exciting, just wish it was here. We had ten investigators at church which is the most for over two years in this area so that was really amazing, the ward members really took notice as they kept saying how many investigators were at church and this month alone we should have twenty different people at church which I've never had before so I'm really excited about the work right now. We got transfer calls and I'm staying in Exeter again which I wanted as I want to finish here but Elder Leavitt is leaving and my new companion is Elder Wilson who is from Provo, UT so two straight Utah companions. He is new in the mission. The work is going really well and we are finding prepared people. This week we have transfers on Wednesday and next week I'll let you know about my companion. For the Christmas call I have 40 minutes, just so you know and that will be on Christmas Day but we can figure out the details later. We are also going to the temple next Tuesday so that will be when I email next week just so your not expecting anything on Monday. We are also going bowling today as it is $10 for unlimited bowling so should be awesome!

So I got my first Christmas package of the year from Becky your sister and it was sent from California so I'm guessing that she's in the area. I opened the package and it's in wrapping paper so I put it under the Christmas tree. Tell her thanks and I'll send a email to her also if I have time. That's great that everyone is coming into town for Christmas again this year, I'm looking forward to talking to all of you. Crazy how Christmas is only in two weeks! That's cool that Doug confirmed Kirk, I'm so excited for Kirk and I know that by him going to BYU Idaho he will get that much stronger and learn so much more about the gospel. Well that is all I have for this week but I love you all and look forward to talking to you in two weeks!

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