Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Week 73

Thanks for the emails, sounds like everything is going well for home and by now I think everyone is in Baltimore and hopefully in the Christmas spirit. This has been a great past week, we have five people with a baptismal date and they are all super solid, we have one on the 29th so that is the perfect birthday present. The new investigators are coming out of the woodworks and members have so many people for us to teach and they are all super prepared. We also went to Temple on Tuesday and it was great. My new companion is Elder Wilson and he is from Provo, Utah and he is a lot different than my previous companion but I have realized that my happiness depends not on what my companion does but whether I want to be happy or not and it really makes me look inward before I look outward. We have seen so many miracles recently and I feel so blessed to be in this area right now and I'm glad that I'm here for Christmas. I Tomorrow is our Christmas Zone Conference so that's where we will get most of our packages. The Christmas Zone Conference is always the best one so I'm excited about that. So last Wednesday, we had a wedding for two of our investigators and it was crazy because we find out the day before and then we had to put the whole wedding together that night but it all worked out and the ward helped out so much. We even were able to get a member who does wedding cakes to make a cake that night so that was awesome because it turned out so well. So I'm excited to talk to all of you on Christmas, so I will call you on Christmas Day and I have 40 minutes to talk just to let you know. On Monday we get our one movie and we are going to watch Brave, I've heard mixed reviews so we will see if its any good. That's great that Kirk got the Priesthood, that makes me so happy, I hope that he enjoys school up at Idaho. Well I better be going and sorry for the couple day delay of writing but better late than never. I am loving missionary life so much right now, I am finding so much joy despite how hard things are and the challenges. I love you so much and miss you all.

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