Monday, 25 June 2012

Week 48

So this past week has been good. Had a two day exchange with an elder up in Auberry and we got a lot done and found some new investigators so it was a success as finding is a challenge up here. On Saturday we went to go see a community play, it was "1776" and it was pretty bad but I was laughing the whole time so it was entertaining, I normally love plays but this was a let down. We got transfer calls on Saturday night and I'm going back to the city! I'm going to Merced, which is an hour north of Fresno, and is one of the biggest cities in the mission so I'm super excited. I'll be in Merced 4th which is a Spanish branch so I'm going to be teaching nothing but Spanish so I feel so lucky to be going there as a lot of Spanish elders want that. My companion will be Elder Snyder. I also have been going for physical therapy but that is near here so I'm going to have to change who I go to because its too far away. I had an ultrasound on my ankle so Emily isn't the only one in the family getting an ultrasound. They want to take another xray because the doctor thinks there might be a break so I'm looking forward for this whole foot thing to end. So tomorrow is my last day in Auberry as I leave for Merced on Wednesday morning and thats about all I know that is happening this upcoming week. 
So thanks for the emails, it sounds like your doing well. My Spanish I thought was good, but haven't spoken any for over a month since I've been up in Auberry so if its not good now it will be in a few weeks. Love you all and miss you.

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