Monday, 2 July 2012

Week 49

The area is awesome, its Spanish branch that covers all of Merced and yesterday we had about 40 people to sacrament so it's small, but its great and they take care of us really well. We also cover the YSA branch, here in Merced but there was only like 10-15 people there so it's small.  After church we had a break the fast with the YSA and ate burgers but it was funny because all the girls were at one table and all the boys at another, so no wonder their all still single and in YSA.  We have quite a few investigators right now so were staying busy which is good.  We have two 16 year olds girls that are getting baptized in two weeks, their solid so that’s exciting.  I can play sports and the pain is pretty much gone.  So this week is July 4 so happy anniversary.  Were going to the ward lunch and the fireworks at night since we can be out until 10.30pm. 

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