Monday, 23 July 2012

Week 52

I am happy and working hard.  I heard that Chad is coming to this mission, that's so crazy.  I told President on Saturday about Jess and Chad use to date and he told me that I would train him,  but then I told him he was English and he was disappointed so that won't be happening.  That's awesome about Aaron and Jeff, you'll have to let me know where they get called.
Last Monday, I bought a new watch, it’s a Nixon so its super nice.  Drove down to Fresno again because my companion had a check-up for this heart.  Not much else exciting happened this week.  I see President so much now that I'm in Merced, on Saturday President came by and talked with him for a little.  It sounds like I'll be getting a new companion next transfer.  I do not want to say anything negative about him.  I found out from President that he's depressed and struggling and he doesn't know what to do with him.  On Sunday we had two investigators at church, one for our YSA and one for Spanish.  Don't have anything this week that is big, only two weeks till transfers so looking forward to that. 

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