Monday, 1 August 2011

Week 1 In the Field

So I'm officially in the mission field. I am in a town called Reedley which is like 30 minutes south of Fresno and I have quite a big area to cover, I cover the cities of Reedley, Dinuba, and orange cove. Their kinda ghetto in parts but other parts their nice so have a bit of both but its not a big city at all. They all have 20,000 or less people in each one but still quite a big area. The ward is awesome, we went by all the members this week just so I could meet everyone and they are all so nice and we get feed at least once a day despite the size of the ward. They get about 80 people to sacrament and 20 of those are Spanish so they all have headsets and listening to the translation so I wear a head set to listen to the talks in Spanish just so I can learn faster. Thats cool the bishop called, he's super nice and has had us over for two good meals already. So when I arrived on Thursday night to my apartment it was probably the dirtiest apartment I have ever seen, dust on everything, dishes out, never been vacuumed and was just a mess so we spent all today cleaning and it looks a lot still is super ghetto but at least its clean and liveable now. So we have a car and we get 1130 miles a week to drive so we bike a little each day for a couple hours and its miserable on the bike, it is so hot and I am just covered in sweat and is so gross but I'm getting a sweet tan so it's worth it. We get yelled at a few times a day which is funny, they call us the "church people" and theirs usually a few cus words to accompany that phrase but for the most part people are nice. There are parts where it is little Mexico and its crazy because you wouldn't think we were in the U.S. cuz kids are running around naked and is just a lot different. I teach in both Spanish and English, its about 50 50 in my area so we get to teach in both but its hard to understand the Spanish people because they speak so fast but I'm improving. My companion is Elder Glowa, he is from Montreal, Quebec and goes home in 2 transfers so I might be his last companion if we are together for two transfers. He is a good companion and is slowly easing me in but he hasnt really helped me with my Spanish. We get along most of the time but he is not my first choice in companion but hes a good example because he follows all the rules and is teaching me a lot. He pretty makes up all the schedule so at night during planning I dont really do anything so I'm excited for when I am able to contribute to that. All in all hes a good companion and we work hard so thats the most important thing. Our mission is a little crazy with the rules, we can't wear any paisley ties. Thanks for the package with the food, it came to use because we had nothing to eat that first night so that helped a lot and I got all the packages so were good. I was kinda send pics but I'm at the library and it is taking forever to upload so I'll send them another week. So teaching has been going good and we have really good investigators that are super cool and hopefully there will be some baptisms soon, although no one has a date their are some on the horizon I think.Oh, the fruit here is amazing and all the members give us stuff so its awesome, and everyone has a garden here, it reminds me of the one we had in Trail and everything is so good. I know theres a bunch more stuff to tell but I can't think of it right now.

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