Monday, 22 August 2011

Week 4

It was great to get your emails and read them since it's been a little longer than a week since my last p-day. So this was a pretty good week, my talk was good in English sacrament and then this past Sunday I talked in Spanish sacrament, not sure on some of what I said but they said it was good so I'm guessing it made sense. I guess I better get used to talking a lot on my mission so I should start saving my talks instead of throwing them away. I haven't been doing actual missionary stuff since we've had some meetings and all these exchanges. The trainer/trainee meeting was good and it was really good to see everyone from the MTC and find out where they are and how their doing in their areas. Some said they hardly get any dinners or team ups so that makes me appreciate the ward a lot more for helping out the missionary work even though its a small ward. I went out with an Elder this week from my district and that was a lot of fun, this is his second transfer so he's not much older than me but I felt a lot more comfortable with him and I was talking a lot more since he is new too. The next day I went on another exchange but this time with the zone leader and that was really good. He was a lot of fun and will make a really good trainer since he really involved me and helped me a lot with Spanish. So, Gloria is still planning on getting baptized this Sunday so I'm really excited for it and she passed the baptismal questions so I think were good to go. David won't move out or marry his girlfriend so that's on hold for now. That's pretty much what has happened in the past week. This week I have another exchange but this time I stay in Reedley so I'll be in charge so that will be fun. Next p-day is on Monday so that's only 5 days away till my next email.

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