Monday, 29 August 2011

Week 5

It was good to get your emails, although it sounds like mother nature is being too kind to the east coast with earthquakes and hurricanes. People in the ward told me that it turned out to not be too bad of a hurricane, how was it in Baltimore? It sounds like the weather is adding a little excitement to your week but besides from that it sounds like your keeping busy.

So since Wednesday, I had an exchange in Reedley and an elder came down with me and it was good, I just think these exchanges happen too often but it's only because my companion is the district leader so hopefully they slow down a little after this week. On Friday to Sunday we had a thing called special ops where the priests in the stake go with the missionaries and teach with us so that was fun, I had to do all the talking in Spanish so that was good even though he was kinda weird. I thought that was a good idea and that our stake should do that because it gives the priests an opportunity to see what missionary life is like. So Sunday was a disappointment, none of our investigators came to church and Gloria postponed her baptism to next Sunday cuz shes out of town so it was kind of a disappointing week but were finding a lot of people so this week should be better. Thats about all that happened from Wednesday to now but this week should be a good one. In a couple hours we have zone activity and were going to play dodgeball so that should be fun. And then we have a week free of meetings so we will be able to get a lot done this week. And then on Saturday we have transfer calls so I will find out if I'm staying here or leaving so I'm excited to see what happens. Our area right now is going to be split by the sounds of it because they are looking for an apartment in our area so we might lose half of our investigators if that happens but I will let you know next Monday. So I don't know if I have told you but my feet are all messed up and they have been hurting for like 3 weeks so I went to the doctor on Friday and found out I have some sort of fungus on my feet, he said its because I sweat and walk in it all day which makes sense but I got some cream so hopefully that fixes it because its nasty. Thats about all that happened last week and what is coming up this week, I'm so excited for transfer calls, whatever happens I'll be happy with.

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