Monday, 8 August 2011

Week 2

So another week has passed and it has been a pretty quick week as we have been kept pretty busy. We have been doing a lot of teaching this week and we have quite a few investigators which is exciting. We have like 6 serious investigators right now that have the potential to be baptized but I can't tell if they will take the next step. I haven't done any tracking because we always have things to do, whether it be teaching or visiting less actives or part-members so that's good we always have something to do. We haven't ridden our bikes much this week which is good because its super hot out this week and humid. I have to do all the driving because my companion is Canadian so he doesn't have a license. We have done a lot of service this week, I think we have done like 7 hours of service so thats been good. So I give a talk this Sunday in church about Faith which should be alright because theirs only 80 people who come to sacrament and most of them are old so I shouldn't be too nervous. I guess in a small ward they need people to speak quite often so thats why they got me. We have zone conference this Thursday so we spent like 2 hours cleaning the car because it needs to be like perfect and if its not they take away miles which wouldn't be too good. So I'm looking forward to Zone Conference because President comes and gives us instruction which should be a good change of pace. I'm not quite sure what it is but will let you know next week. Oh, we have our quarterly temple trip on Wednesday so that is going to be our P-day so I won't email you until next Wednesday instead of this Monday. Thanks for the extra white shirts, I defiantly needed more short sleeve shirts and thanks for getting that clock, hopefully this one works better than the last one. I've realized that Pdays aren't too fun as most of the time is just doing chores like laundry and cleaning so hopefully I will find ways to do that quicker when I have a new companion because I think that we could be a lot more efficient than we are right now but it's not really my place to say anything yet as I have been out less than two weeks but their are defiantly things that I would do differently in all facets of what we do but right now I'm learning as much as I can about the things I do like and I don't like so that I can be more effective. We were doubled into this area so he didn't live there before and he's really clean so the apartment looks good now, I'll take a picture this week and send you a bunch of pictures when we email from the family history center. We have ac so thats nice when we get home. The sequios are only 30-45 minutes away so hopefully a member will take us out sometime this transfer because we can't take our car out there. I love this area, the members are so nice, and feed us at least one meal a day and we have a team up every night which is so good for a ward so small. I think that I will be transferred out of this area after this transfer which kinda sucks because I'm just starting to feel comfortable here and finding my way around but we will see in a few weeks. I want to be more involved and I'm slowly becoming more involved which is when I feel great but its times where hes doing everything and not involving me that I feel down.

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